Sunday, August 22, 2010


Are Buddhist practice and other forms of meditation rewiring for the next evolutionary step?
Does meditation begin to reprogram the hard-wired fear auto-response.
Are all the lowering-stress practices merely indoctrination, a denial of a harsh society. Is death denying is part of today's unreality?
Hope thus becomes a stressor, a perpetuation of illusion, a rejection of the real.
Do practices like Buddhist meditation dim the amplitude of the switch between stress and resisting acting on the stress, creating consonance?
I wonder.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Reality is a fractal ...

Reality is a fractal in motion, self-similar, iterative, with fractional dimension, ... for recursive I-making.

Composting my discontents

Pride in compost from a satisfied green gardener made me wish I had such a close-by way to not waste. Somehow that idea of converting decomposition into renewal remained in my thoughts, waiting for an implementation. How, I wondered can I develop composting for what I no longer need. I began to think of breaking down and recycling discontents and distresses that I'm not using, releasing them as their components, and taking back in ways to fertilize myself with an intention to synchronize with flow. I found the way to do this very close-by, on my meditation cushion, breathing out in, disassembled, what I didn't need, and breathing in alignment.

A yellow lobster has been caught

Yellow lobsters, black swans
Next will be a purple fawn.

Indefinite ...

Dawn, lawn, pawn, con, gone.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Evidence resistance and cognitive dissonance

Kathryn Schultz urges, in Being Wrong, “Recall Leon festinger, who found that failed prophecies often lead to an upsurge in faith.” (p 204)

So also with the prophecies of risk and danger which incite the advocates of coercion-masked-as-treatment - - - the more force fails, the more they organize to increase the amount and scope of commitment.