Friday, March 28, 2014


I have several times now seen on TV an AT&T phone plan ad, up to four family members, for $160 a month. Only $160 says the gentle female ad voice. Only. Taxes not mentioned. So likely only $175 a month. I thought 'only' was for offers that end in 99. Vendor tricks. People with so much income that they could take on that much overhead. Only a few thousand dollars a year. For phones.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

In old age the upper beak of an eagle grows gradually longer and more crooked, such that the bird slowly dies of starvation.

Adapting to the sixth extinction

Humans are adapting to living in the midst of the sixth extinction by adapting our relationship to time. We have widened the geographic expansion lens to include building islands in the ocean and inhabiting space while we shorten the time focus. Not only has the value of seven generations back and forward slipped away, all other consequences are seen via short term. 10 years is the longest government plans for. Fast to market with a good-enough product, goods cheaper to replace than repair, … I'm sure you can add lots more examples. Please add them in the comments.