Monday, September 20, 2010

1989 Mood Matters purpose statement

The specific purposes of the association are to
  • establish a resource network
  • define a system of early warnings when the high times begin to move quickly
  • keep up with the most current in medications
  • talk about changes in life expectations
  • share our own art and writings
  • perhaps move towards community actions, and, ...
  • provide a haven

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Optisolv – towards a good release

Optisolv – towards a good release

To increase social acceptance of the actions of people with subjectively life-limiting expectations who want to die at their own convenience.

My experience, while perhaps much different from yours, ought nonetheless to be given credence and stand on its own merit. Do not impose your fears or your faiths on me. What I decide is what I want.

Fearful righteous people insist on rationality and competence and elapsed time before acting because the alternative is unimaginable, literally impossible to even contemplate, too chaotic, a full threat to social structure. If humans could kill impulsively without contemplation, if they'd kill themselves, they'd also kill me. That permission would destroy our sound structure, so therefore we forbid non-violent means of choosing to die. We allow shooting, jumping, hanging, crashing, but not swallowing and sleeping.

Depression is a straw man. If depression is a medical illness it should not be isolated as the only illness for which one is expected to keep treating and suffering. At a minimum, we must Include depression as an accepted reason for ending life. There must be lots of choice about undergoing technology-driven life extensions. Premature death makes an assumption about statistically average life expectancy; choice is about an individual decision about sufficiency; choice is a satisfactory fulfillment of a desire to stop.