Monday, September 30, 2013

+13% Part D increase for 2013

The price of my Medicare Part D prescription drug plan from United Health Care starting in January, 2014, has an effective increase of 13%. My actual cost will actually be even more as the “plan costs” passed on from the pharmaceutical company charges also increase. The monthly plan charge has increased 6%; the one-month quantity has decreased from 31 days to 30, +3%; and I reach the full pay tier $120 dollars sooner, +4%.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A restricted number displaying on Caller ID as Anonymous called..

Jul-06 01:46 PM - Saturday
Jul-30 11:00 AM - Tuesday
Aug-06 10:36 AM - Tuesday
Aug-22 10:06 AM - Thursday
Aug-24 03:00 PM  - Saturday
Aug-31 04:50 PM - Saturday
Sep-01 03:25 PM - Sunday
Sep-02 11:42 AM - Holiday
Sep-03 11:10 AM
Sep-03 04:30 PM
Sep-04 08:53 AM
Sep-04 06:15 PM
Sep-05 06:05 PM
Sep-06 09:49 AM - Friday
Sep-06 06:31 PM -
Sep-07 09:09 AM - Saturday
Sep-12 06:50 PM - Thursday

 It's actually interesting and not random ... different days, times, work days, ...  18 tries.  I wonder what it's like to program an auto-dialer ...

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

On blogging

The opportunity to reach more and different people has made me more willing to write, and more careful – I usually think, craft, revise before posting, which also helps me to shape and critique my own opinion.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Highway One - no widening

Highway 1 express bus connecting Watsonville and Santa Cruz with siren-like lane priority and shuttle/mini/taxi on demand last mile service at the few stops. Parking at access points.  Widening will be an expensive short-term fix and the traffic will only increase to fill and clog the new lanes.

No bombs; no boots.

Real leadership moves the world towards warm-heartedness and

Instead of using fear and muscle, the US could encourage the UN to sanction with shunning.