Friday, February 10, 2012

Prescription Solutions

My health insurer encourages me to use online services and order a 90 day supply of medication. I like that too. They remind me by phone/snail/and email when I'm running out. I don't like that so much. When the doctor's office faxes, the insurer bills me by mail, and then I have to phone to charge to my credit card. Because the doctor isn't authorized to charge to my credit card (I guess that's OK) and the online system has no provision for defaulting to charge to the card on file. So there is this nifty electronic system that requires me to take an extra step and either snail a check or phone.

Last week the insurer held up a delivery.  I phoned to ask why, had the hold cleared up, asked that my file be annotated to always charge to the credit card on file. 

The prescription then came very quickly.  And the package included seven single sided photocopied pages of caveats. 

And an invoice, unpaid.

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  1. Update: They've been robo-calling for three days, hanging up on the machine, sent an email and also snail mail, to tell me that I have one or more prescriptions that are ready for refill. Generic letter. No mention of which prescription.

    And in their letter - they've won an award for outstanding customer service.