Friday, March 16, 2012

Focus: 75 River Street

The rave occupation at 75 River St has had consequences. More are aware of local economic disparities. Occupy Santa Cruz has lost some centrist support. District Attorney Bob Lee has selected harsh and costly actions. The Occupy Santa Cruz supporters, law enforcement, and our electeds have seen the consequences of this three day autonomous action. Now we must set an example of moderation and restraint. Now we must not not turn away our hearts.  It's time to absorb what we've learned, dismiss the charges and agree on a settlement, and focus again on the budget shortfalls, unemployment, foreclosures and poverty in Santa Cruz County.

  • Related Facts, Hearsay, and Opinion:

    • Rave: An all-night dance party, especially one where techno, house, or other electronically synthesized music is played.
    • The rave was spontaneous, fluid, leaderless.
    • 75 River St was unused, vacant.
    • Some say 75 River St was not posted against trespass.
    • Felonies have been charged. Only misdemeanors could have been charged. Fines could have been chosen.
    • What are the anticipated aggregate county costs for the 22 felonies and 44 misdemeanor charges, arraignments, prelims, jury trials, incarcerations?
    • Wells Fargo CEO 2011 compensation $19,000,000
    • After Wells Fargo fails to recoup by punishing individuals, the insurer will absorb the clean-up costs.
    • UCSC, in an analogous occupation (Kerr Hall), levied $1000 fines.
    • Over 100 people were inside or beside the property from Nov 30 – Dec 4, 2011.
    • Unused, un-repurposed private property is a trespass on the commons.

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