Friday, August 17, 2012


If humans haven't yet adapted to gluten, then since the times of agriculture, every single body was a little 'off', a little not their best, a little less than optimum, ...  If alongside that body less-than-optimal, what if mind too also developed less-than-optimal, less resilient, more discomfort, more stress, more irritability, more aggression, less innate ability for self-control, more impulsive ... what if consciousness as it is now is a bit off-track, and better human health all round would have led to a more cooperative participatory less hierarchical system of governance and finance ...  We tend to look at 'human nature' as inevitable, but if we've been going down a wrong track for thousands of years, ... ? If the planet's diet were gluten-free for a decade or a millennium ... maybe we'd all get along together better.  There'd certainly be less of us, since the ballooning population depends on gluten for calories.  I can imagine this as a science fiction, futurist kind of story.

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