Sunday, October 27, 2013

An explanation of survival and success?

Everyone is required to read the sacred texts. Everyone. The language is based on a three (or two) consonant root system. And the texts are written in a script that only uses consonants. 

Discussion of meanings is encouraged and the discussions too are recorded and scholars read those too. So an embedded way of thinking and perceiving for everyone is general literacy and analysis of possibly encoded meaning – does PC mean PeaCe or Politically Correct or aPaCe or … might WLL mean WeLL or WiLL or WaLL or … 

What is the text saying about how to act towards each other today, here.

And is a mind/brain trained in an oral culture, adept in remembering, does that mind differ from a mind/brain trained to read, to believe the written text?  What kind of values and skills develop?

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