Wednesday, September 30, 2015


The more rules and laws, the more people delegate analysis and choice and common sense to compliance The existence of rules and laws lessens selecting the option to use analysis to determine one's own responsibility, to choose for oneself, so that soon the ability to compare has atrophied. Rebels know this, delight in work-arounds. Hackers know this, delight in beating the code. Those hungry for power know this, delight in loopholes. When laws and computer code rule, who will be left who can think?

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  1. Unfortunately the meaning of "think" is rapidly changing. The rise of advanced AI seems uncontrolled (and perhasp uncontrollable) although poeple as diverse as Stephan Hawking, Bill Gates, an Elon Musk warn about the peril AI poses. Put another way code will now write new code more rapidly and error free than humans can. In a small way that is now happening as people watch chess games between two chess engines.